Squirrel Island (2016) is a stop motion animated film by Astrid Goldsmith. www.mockduck.co.uk/squirrel-island
Squirrel Island
The Ottoman (in production) is an animated short film by Luckbat Studio. www.the-ottoman.com
The Ottoman
If Water Had Eyes (2014) is an animated short film by Alan Becker. www.alanbecker.net
If Water Had Eyes
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller (2012-2013) is a four episode video game arc produced by Phoenix Online Studios. www.postudios.com
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
The Silver Lining (2010-2011) is a five episode video game arc produced by Phoenix Online Studios based on the popular King's Quest series. www.postudios.com
The Silver Lining

The animated short film, “If Water Had Eyes.” Animation by Alan Becker with sound by Daniel Chase.


About Me

My name is Daniel Chase, and I’m a sound editor based in Southern Oregon. My interest in audio started as a kid during the ’90s; recording waterfalls, footsteps, and punching sounds in my backyard with my first Panasonic hand-held cassette recorder. Technology has changed a lot since then, but it was a great training ground for me, opening my eyes and ears to the amazing world of sound.

After I graduated, I became the audio production lead for Phoenix Online Studios, producing audio for video games and a few short films. Currently, I’m a full-time audio engineer at theDove TV and Radio. As a sound designer, I record all of my own sounds, and my sound design and Foley work is original and unique for every project.



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